The 30 Best Marathons in the World

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Running is a universal activity that can be enjoyed by anyone at any time. Running or watching any marathon shows the strength of the human spirit and the unity of our bodies. Marathon runners consider finishing a marathon is a lifetime goal producing enjoyment and satisfaction.

According to the RunRepeat Statistic Report, running has become increasingly popular worldwide since the 2000s, growing by 57%. Though 2020 was met with lock down and restrictions, it didn’t prevent runners from getting their miles in. Outdoor sports like running are the most popular form of exercise right now. And according to research, people who started exercising outdoors during the coronavirus outbreak were more likely to continue doing so after the pandemic was over.

Running marathons offers a chance to combine running with traveling. You could run a major city race like London, Berlin, NYC, Paris, or you could run one closer to your hometown and enjoy the local scenery! Moreover, the fact that there are thousands of spectators cheering you on, you start to understand why people run marathons.

In this article, we listed the top 30 international marathons by date. These are the ultimate destinations to run 42.195 kilometers (26.2 miles) with the most popular, beautiful, coolest, and inspirational marathons around the globe.

Best marathons in the world

Best marathons in the world

1. Kilimanjaro Marathon

Location: Moshi, Tanzania

When: February

Register: Kilimanjaro Marathon

Why Run It: World’s best adventurous marathon

The Kilimanjaro Marathon is one of the most popular races in East Africa, attracting international runners from around the globe. The race takes place in Tanzania, where temperatures are expected to hover around 30 degrees Celcius (86 degrees Farenheit).

With Africa’s highest mountain (as well as the world’s highest free standing mountain) as an inspirational backdrop for this popular race, the course starts at Moshi Stadium. After a few kilometers on flat ground, the course gradually inclines towards the turn-around points followed by some steep hills to climb finishing at Moshi Stadium. On this route, runners will cross the equator twice.

At 5,895 meters above sea level, runners are required to scale one of the most challenging mountains in the world. But it is the experience of running around the base of the mountain that really makes the event special.

2. Tokyo Marathon

Location: Tokyo, Japan

When: March

Register: Tokyo Marathon

Why Run It: World’s prettiest marathon

One of the best marathons in the world is the Tokyo Marathon and attracts runners from around the globe. It has become a staple on the international running calendar and renowned as “the world’s most beautiful and prettiest marathon”.

It starts at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office in Shinjuku, going through Asakusa Temple, and finishing at the Tokyo Station near the Imperial Palace. The route symbolizes the past, present, and future. This annual marathon race has been synonymous with great organization since it began in 2008.

The Tokyo Marathon is one of the largest annual sporting events held in Japan. Despite being a relatively young race, it has grown quickly, becoming one of the fastest growing marathons in the world inviting elite runners to its course.

3. Roma Marathon

Location: Rome, Italy

When: April

Register: Roma Marathon

Why Run It: Most famous sights in the world

Roma Marathon, also known as Maratona di Roma, is one of the biggest marathons in Europe and the world attracting thousands of participants and spectators around the globe. The annual Rome Marathon offers runners the chance to run through some of the most famous sights in the world.

A route that is unparalleled anywhere else in the world, the Rome Marathon departs from the Roman Forum, going through Piazza Venezia, Castel Sant’ Angelo. After passing the Spanish Steps and the race ends up at the Vatican City.

Rome is one of the most famous cities in the world, with its ancient ruins, beautiful buildings and amazing food. The Rome Marathon is one of the most memorable events you’ve ever attended. Marathon runners not only get to visit amazing monuments, but also cheered by a loving and highly enthusiastic audience, while gladiators awaiting at the end of the race.

4. Boston Marathon

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

When: April

Register: Boston Marathon

Why Run It: World’s oldest annual marathons

The Boston Marathon is one of the oldest and biggest marathons in the world. It is the oldest annual marathon and arguably the most prestigious marathon in the United States. This famous marathon is the largest marathon in the world, attracting thousands of participants, spectators, and media members.

This major race starts and ends in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, and follows the course along the scenic streets of downtown Boston. The race begins at noon on Patriots’ Day, the third Monday in April, and finishes near Kenmore Square in Boston.

The Boston Marathon is considered the granddaddy of marathons, having been around since 1876. It’s the longest continuously running marathon in the world and the second oldest marathon in the world behind London’s Great North Run.

5. Big Sur International Marathon

Location: California, United States

When: April

Register: Big Sur International Marathon

Why Run It: Best scenic ocean views

The Big Sur International Marathon is one of the most popular races in the United States. Since the inaugural edition in 1998, the race has grown into one of America’s premiere long distance events. With breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean along the entire route, the Big Sur International Marathon offers some of the best scenery in the world.

The race is held annually in April and starts on the Pacific Coast Highway in San Simeon, CA and ends in Monterey, CA near the beautiful Big Sur coast. Over half of the total course length is situated within the Santa Lucia Mountains National Monument, home to majestic redwood trees and stunning coastal vistas.

This marathon is beloved among runners because of its beautiful scenery and stunning views. In addition to the spectacular coastline, the course includes rolling hills and breathtaking vistas.

6. The Great Wall Marathon

Location: Tianjin, China

When: May

Register: The Great Wall Marathon

Why Run It: Run one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

The Great Wall Marathon is one of the longest ultra marathons in the world. In fact, it might just be the greatest marathon in the world. It is over 5,164 steps long — the equivalent of climbing the Great Wall of China four times. And while there are plenty of shorter races around the world, few offer runners such breathtaking scenery along the way.

The Great Wall Marathon starts and ends at the Yin and Yang Square inside the ancient Huangyaguan Fortress. At the Great Wall, runners will face an uphill climb for 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) followed by the first steps of the hardest marathons in the world. While the route varies slightly every year, it always includes sections of the Great Wall, making it a must-do for anyone interested in running a marathon.

In addition to the Great Wall itself, the course takes competitors through the small farming towns dotting the region, where locals cheer runners on and wave flags to show support. And even though the start of the marathon takes place at sunrise, the sun won’t actually set for the whole duration of the marathon. After dark, the streets are beautifully illuminated by streetlights and candles.

7. Great Ocean Road Marathon

Location: Lorne, Australia

When: May

Register: Great Ocean Road Marathon

Why Run It: Breathtaking ocean views

The Great Ocean Road Marathon is one of the best marathons in the world. This 26.2-mile race has been running since 1980 and has become one of Australia’s most popular events. This truly amazing race takes runners along some of the most beautiful coastline in the world being considered one of the most scenic marathons.

The marathon starts in Torquay, heads west along the famous Great Ocean Road, then turns north up the steep hills of the Otway Ranges National Park. At the summit of Mount Eliza, the route winds down into Apollo Bay where there is a spectacular finish line view over the ocean.

People of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate in the running festival. There is also an opportunity for people who use wheelchairs to participate in this race and experience the Great Ocean Road Walk. Also, as the sky turns pink, the Kite Festival runs alongside the race from Lorne and Apollo Bay.

8. The Mont-Saint-Michel Marathon

Location: Cancale, France

When: May

Register: The Mont-Saint-Michel Marathon

Why Run It: Breathtaking ocean views

The Mont-Saint-Michael Marathonis one of the most famous and scenic marathons in France. It is a festive gathering in the middle of a historic location in France, full of history and cultural heritage. This race is a unique opportunity to run through the most beautiful landscapes of Brittany and Normandy, with the Mont Saint-Michel at the end of your journey.

The Mont-Saint-Michel Marathon starts from Cancale running through the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, finishing at Saint-Michel’s Mount. This scenic marathon is one of the few marathons in the world where you can actually see the finishing point before starting out on the legendary 42,196 kilometer distance.

The event attracts thousands of participants every year, many of whom are tourists hoping to enjoy some culture while they’re out training. But it’s also popular among local residents looking to put their fitness skills to good use.

9. Rio de Janeiro Marathon

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When: June

Register: Rio de Janeiro Marathon

Why Run It: World’s most beautiful and picturesque marathon

The Rio de Janeiro Marathon is one of the most picturesque and coolest marathons in the world. Rio de Janeiro, one of the most beautiful and famous destinations in Brazil, is well known for its beaches, sunny weather, and lively music. There are few places on Earth that can compare to the warmth, friendliness, natural beauty, and exciting atmosphere of this beautiful city.

The 26.2-miles route starts and finishes in Flamengo on a beautiful, scenic, urban course. With the Serra do Mar Mountains rising inland from Rio de Janeiro’s beautiful coastline, this scenic setting with ocean views to the right and mountain views to the far side, makes this race one of the most picturesque marathons anywhere in the world. Runners run through some of the most popular neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, including Leblon, Ipanema, Copacabana and Botafogo.

As the runners approach the finish line, Christ the Redeemer stands tall blessing all the runners passing by. There are so many things to see and do in and around the area, including the race. It is highly recommended adding an extra day to visit the Botanic Garden, Tijuca National Park, or the Sugar Loaf Mountain.

10. Inca Trail Marathon to Machu Picchu

Location: Cusco, Peru

When: June

Register: Inca Trail Marathon to Machu Picchu

Why Run It: Toughest marathon in South America

The Inca Trail marathon is one of the most difficult marathons in the entire world. Runners don’t start out together, but rather in staggered waves every 15 minutes over a grueling course that takes runners up and down mountainsides, through narrow passageways and around steep cliffs. And while there are no bibs, finishers receive a certificate signed by the race director.

The marathon begins in Cusco, Perú, at an altitude of 11,150 feet (3,350 meters) above sea level following the ancient Inca Trail. The race passes through breathtaking landscapes, including the Sacred Valley, over mountain passes and across glaciers. At the end of the trail, runners reach Machu Picchu, the legendary lost city of the Incas. After spending two nights there, participants return to Cusco via bus.

It is important to note that this unique marathon is not an official one since it is held on the Inca Trail, a National Park. The organizers do not require bib numbers and cap the number of runners participating in the marathon.

11. Midnight Sun Marathon

Location: Tromsø, Norway

When: June

Register: Midnight Sun Marathon

Why Run It: Experience never-ending sunlight

The Midnight Sun Marathon, one of the major races in Europe, is an unusual event which allows runners to run in the middle of the night but with the sun still above the horizon. This is a phenomenon where the sun stays above the horizon for longer periods of time compared to other latitudes.The race starts at 8.30 pm and usually ends just after 12 am.

The Midnight Sun Marathon begins and ends in the capital city center. After 2 kilometers, runners reach the bridge of Tromsø, which rises up from six meters above sea level and takes runners to Tromsdalen. The view from the Arctic Cathedral with the surrounding mountains is a splendid one. After walking for another 20 kilometers runners cross back over the bridge and return to the heart of the town.

This unique marathon offers the perfect opportunity for runners to go for a midnight jog along the stunning coastline with spectacular views. The Midnight Sun Marathon is one of the most famous marathons in the world, sitting around 400 kilometers above the Arctic Circle.

12. The Big Five Marathon

Location: Limpopo, South Africa

When: June

Register: The Big Five Marathon

Why Run It: Experience the wilderness in Africa

One of the best marathons in South Africa, The Big Five Marathon, offers runners the chance to enjoy a full day of running while watching some of Africa’s most majestic creatures roam free. This is truly a unique experience because there are no fences, no barriers, no walls, just open space and miles of rugged terrain. There are no roads, no paths, and no cars; just endless rolling hills and long grass plains.

The race starts near the town of Polokwane in the Limpopo Province. From there, runners head north along the banks of the Olifants River, passing through the beautiful forests of the Kruger National Park. After the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, runners cross over the Olifants River again and run through the lush landscape of the park.

The Big Five Marathon offers a true wilderness experience and the course features challenging terrain such as steep climbs and descents, rocky paths and river crossings. In addition, the course includes a section where participants will run alongside wildlife and cross over rivers. Runners will see plenty of animals along the way, including elephants, rhinos, buffalo, antelope, leopards and baboons.

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13. Sparkasse 3 Country Marathon

Location: Germany, Austria, Swiss

When: June

Register: Sparkasse 3 Country Marathon

Why Run It: Experience the Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on the run

The 3 Country Marathon is one of the coolest marathons in the world taking place every year in the summer months.This race features a unique combination of running routes across three different countries: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

The race starts at Lindau and passes through some beautiful scenery, including Lake Constance, the Alps, the Swiss Jura Mountains, and even the Austrian Alps. There are more than 12,500 meters of total elevation gain, making it one of the most challenging marathons in the world.

The 3 Country Marathon is unique in that no passport is needed. Running mainly takes place around lakes, and always be surrounded with beautiful, snowy mountains. Runners pass through the world’s biggest open air theater, where the latest James Bond movie was filmed.

14. Islandsbanki Reykjavík Marathon

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland

When: August

Register: Islandsbanki Reykjavik Marathon

Why Run It: Experience the Reykjavik’s Culture Night

One of the biggest races in Iceland is the Islandsbanki Reykjavik Marathon. This event takes place in August, the same time as Reykjavik’s Culture Night. The event offers an atmosphere that is relaxed and welcoming. There are approximately 1,500 participants in the full marathon and 3,000 participants in the half marathon, which makes them less crowded than they would be at larger marathons.

The marathon begins at Sóleyjargatta and ends downtown in Lækjárgata near the lake and the city hall. It’s an excellent location for runners because there are a lot of hotel options close by. At the end of the race, the runners cross a number of famous landmarks, including Höfdi House, a Reykjanes District Council building where US President Ronald Reagan held talks with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1986.

The Reykjavík Culture Night is one of Iceland’s biggest celebrations and is its greatest festival. People from all around the globe visit the capital for various cultural events. It is a true cultural event with lots of things happening all over town, from theater performances to concerts, fine arts exhibitions to street fairs, food festivals to family events.

15. Chicago Marathon

Location: Chicago, United States

When: August

Register: Chicago Marathon

Why Run It: Flat and fast marathon

The Chicago Marathon is one of the most prestigious races and the best marathoners in the world compete in Chicago every fall. Runners come from around the globe to compete in this event, which features a scenic route along Lake Michigan. There are many ways to participate in the marathon, including running it yourself.

The race begins at Navy Pier and ends near Soldier Field passing the Art Institute of Chicago, Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Buckingham Fountain, the Willis Tower, the John Hancock Center, Soldier Field, McCormick Place, the Trump International Hotel & Tower, the United Center, etc.

This is a flat and fast marathon, with little elevation change and rolling terrain. While the course does cross busy roads, most of the road crossings occur mid-race and do not pose much of a problem for experienced runners.

In addition to the scenic beauty of the route, another reason why this race is considered one of the best marathons in the United States and the world is because of the prize money. Runners can win $150,000 for the winner, $100,000 for finishing second overall, $75,000 for third, $50,000 for fourth.

16. Jungfrau Marathon

Location: Interlaken, Switzerland

When: September

Register: Jungfrau Marathon

Why Run It: Marvelous mountain scenery

The Jungfrau Marathon is one of the most beautiful marathons in the world. It takes place through some of the most magnificent mountain scenery and changes of landscape of the majestic Swiss Alps. The difference in elevation between 1829 meters and sea level is a challenge for everyone.

The course begins at 11am in central Interlaken, then circles around the town center before heading out towards Bönigen, where they briefly run along the shores of Lake Brienz before finishing back in Interlaken. It reaches its highest peak of 7,234 ft (2,205 meters) around the 40 kilometers mark, and then drops down sharply for the final 10 kilometers to the finish line at Kleine Scheidegger at an elevation of 6,105 ft (1,861 meters).

Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau, the three most famous mountains of the Alps, loom majestically over the town giving the runners a breathtaking view of the mountains. The Jungfrau Marathon is one of the most popular marathons in the world.

17. Marathon du Medoc

Location: Pauilac, France

When: September

Register: Marathon du Medoc

Why Run It: 23 different wines on the race

Marathon du Medoc is considered one of the world’s best marathons. One of the things that make this particular race interesting is the fact that there are 23 different wine varieties that participants must taste during the race. It takes runners through vineyards, chateaux letting them taste cheeses, ice creams, and oysters through all 26 miles.

The route starts and finishes in Pauillac, where runners find the famous Haut Medoc winery, home to Château Mouton Rothschild, Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Chateau Latour, Chateau Margaux among others. The event features a total of 22 aid stations offering food and drinks, including beer, wine, champagne and coffee.

This special 36th edition of the marathon is themed as “Cinema”. Runners are expected to dress like clowns, cowboys, and fairies enjoying a glass of wine while enjoying live music and tasting regional delicacies.

18. Patagonian International Marathon

Location: Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

When: September

Register: Patagonian International Marathon

Why Run It: World’s most stunning mountain views

The Patagonian International Marathon is considered one of the world’s best marathons for its spectacular landscapes. This famous marathon attracts participants from across the globe, including people who range from beginner runners to experienced marathoners. For the 10th edition, the event reverts back to its original route within Torres del Paine National park, using its vehicle roadways, which are characterized by numerous turns and steep inclines.

The race begins in Puente Weber, located in Torres del Paine. From there it heads south along the shores of Lago Pehoe, passing through Torres del Paine National Park, where runners find stunning views of the lake, glaciers, and breathtaking waterfalls. Finally runners reach the base of Reserva Las Torres.

One of the most beautiful national parks in South America, Torres del Paine National Park is located near Lake Lago Grey and surrounded by vast lakes, glacial valleys, and soaring granite mountains that reach almost 3,000 feet high (914 meters). From the snow-capped peaks, to the pristine lakes, to the dramatic glaciers and cascading waters, this international marathon offers plenty of stunning sights along the way.

19. Berlin Marathon

Location: Berlin, Germany

When: September

Register: BMW Berlin Marathon

Why Run It: Fastest marathon in the world

The BMW Berlin Marathon has been ranked among the world’s best marathon events for years. The course has no elevation and it is free of traffic. These features make Berlin famous for its fast marathon times. If there was any better way to improve a runner’s personal best time, then run the BMW Berlin Marathon. Actually, this marathon has the world’s second-fastest marathon time after the New York City Marathon.

The marathon starts in the Siegessaule, following the Franklin street. The race covers some of East and West Germany’s iconic landmarks like the Reichstag building, Olympic Stadium, and the former site of the wall before finishing near the magnificent Brandenburg Gate.

The BMW Berlin Marathon has established its world-championship marathon credentials with a record breaking course and a slick and effective race organization. Also, the crowds are large, noisy and enthusiastic (if sporadic) and running here is like walking through a modern history lesson. The course takes you past some magnificent old architecture, the drab, austere buildings of the east and the modern, hi tech shops and commercial property of west Berlin.

20. London Marathon

Location: London, United Kingdom

When: October

Register: London Marathon

Why Run It: Largest marathon in the world

The London Marathon is one of the best marathons in the world to run due to the huge field, large, energetic crowds and party atmosphere that appeal equally to beginners and experienced runners. The fast pace of the course makes it ideal for those looking to run their first marathon.

The race begins in Greenwich and ends in the shadow of Buckingham Palace. Two of the biggest highlights along the London Marathon are passing the crowds at the Cutty Sark and going under the Tower Bridge, where the noise of thousands of people cheering on the participants is almost deafening. In addition, the atmosphere around the finish line is electric.

The London Marathon is also popular among charities who have raised millions of dollars over the years. Fun costumes, iconic landmarks, and a great route makes the London Marathon one of the top marathons in the world.

21. Niagara Falls International Marathon

Location: Buffalo, United States / Ontario, Canada

When: October

Register: Niagara Falls International Marathon

Why Run It: Scenic views of the Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls International Marathon is one of the best international marathons offering a fast and scenic route across the United states and Canada. The race is known for being flat, fast, scenic, and safe making it one of the most popular races in North America. This race draws thousands of participants each year including international athletes, local residents, and tourists.

The race begins at the Buffalo Convention Centers and winds through downtown Buffalo, ending in front of the iconic Niagara Falls in Canada. Runners cross the Peace Bridge, pass under the Rainbow Bridge, and run alongside Lake Erie and the Niagara Gorge. Along the way, runners are able to see historic landmarks like Fort Porter, the Seneca Indian Museum, and beautiful views of the Niagara Falls skyline.

The Niagara Falls International Marathon offers runners the opportunity to experience the beauty of both countries during the race. On the American side, there are stunning views of the river valley, while on the Canadian side, the breathtaking views of the majestic falls.

22. Amsterdam Marathon

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

When: October

Register: Amsterdam Marathon

Why Run It: Flat course and historic marathon

The TCS Amsterdam Marathon is one of the world’s most prestigious marathons. Runners travel from around the globe to participate in the race through the streets of Amsterdam. This event attracts thousands of participants each year, including elite athletes, amateurs looking to complete their first marathon, and families running together.

The race begins and finishes in the historical Olympic Stadium. The course is known because of its fast, flat, and historical character. The marathon follows a course similar to the one used for the Amsterdam 1928 Olympics shoring the Amstel River.

During the spring and fall, this rural trail offers stunning views of the river and shows just how busy it gets during the warmer seasons. The Amsterdam Marathon has become one of the largest races in the world attracting more than 45,000 runners from a record-breaking of 140 nations.

23. SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon

Location: Dublin, Ireland

When: October

Register: Dublin Marathon

Why Run It: Fourth largest marathon in Europe

The Dublin Marathon is one of the world’s most popular marathons, attracting over 25,000 participants each year and taking place every October. Runners participating in this wonderful marathon run a largely flat, spectacular course through Dublin’s city center.

The race starts and finishes near the Merrion Square near the National Museum of History. The route takes runners along the River Liffey, around Trinity College, and along the seafront promenade.

For this popular marathon, participants are encouraged to wear green shirts during the race. On the Friday night before the race, there will be live entertainment, food and drink specials, and plenty of opportunities to meet fellow runners. There will also be a pre-race party at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, where you’ll enjoy a traditional Irish meal, including soup, steak pie, vegetables and dessert.

24. Marine Corps Marathon

Location: Virginia, United States

When: October

Register: Marine Corps Marathon

Why Run It: Washington DC most famous landmarks

The Marine Corps Marathon is undoubtedly one of the biggest and best marathons in the United States. Runners pass numerous national landmarks such as the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, World War II memorial, White House, Capitol Building, etc., while running the entire 26.2 miles.

The race starts from the Pentagon, goes through Rosslyn, then heads to the Capitol Hill, and the White House. From there, you’ll travel to Arlington National Cemetery, the Pentagon, and finally end up at the Marine Corps War memorial.

The event is free and open to all ages and abilities. Runners can choose among five different routes, including the traditional marathon route, a half marathon, a 10K run, a 5K walk/run and a kids’ fun run. There will also be several events along the way, such as live music performances, food trucks and vendors, and a Kids Zone featuring activities like face painting, balloon animals and arts & crafts.

25. New York City Marathon

Location: New York, United States

When: November

Register: New York Marathon

Why Run It: Largest marathon in the world

The New York City Marathon is the world’s largest marathon with 25,020 finishers in the 2021 marathon and more than 3 million spectators. The event was founded in 1970 with the aim of promoting health and fitness among people living in New York City.

The race starts in Staten Island and ends in Central Park, where it finishes in front of the iconic Metropolitan Museum of Art. The New York City marathon is held every November. The route goes around five boroughs of New York City: Staten Island, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens.

To participate in the New York City Marathon, you must meet certain qualifying times. These include finishing times, age group qualifiers, and gender qualifiers. Along with the Boston, Chicago, and New York Marathons, the World Marathon Majors is an annual series of six major marathons held throughout the world.

26. Athens Marathon

Location: Athens, Greece

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When: November

Register: Athens Marathon

Why Run It: Follow the footsteps of ancient heroes

The Athens Marathon is one of the major marathons in the world. It is unlike any other marathon on Earth and it covers the same ground that Phiedippies, the Athenian messenger, ran 2,500 years ago bringing news of victory from the battleground to Sparta. Runners run the very footsteps of the ancient heroes who originated the western civilization.

The starting line for the Athens marathon will be at the Panathinaikos stadium and the race will go through the historic center of Athens, past iconic landmarks and famous sites. After 12 km of flat stretch, runners take 19 kilometers climbing hills. After the 20 km, runners are greeted by thousands of cheering spectators at the end of the race in the stunning Athens’ magnificent Panathinaikou Olympic Stadium.

This historic and unique marathon is a bridge that unites the legend with history; shows the power of human will; is a source of value, of social responsibility, of environmental awareness, of friendliness and solidarity. The Athens Marathon race has always been an important part of the sporting calendar for athletes, as it represents the ultimate test of endurance where the human body, spirit and mind are pushed to their limits as the athlete pushes themselves to achieve the finishing line.

27. Bangkok Marathon

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

When: November

Register: Bangkok Marathon

Why Run It: Asia’s popular marathon

The Bangkok Marathon is one of Asia’s biggest marathon attracting thousands of participants every year. The Bangkok Marathon is acknowledged by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS). The race course passes by historic sites, cultural centers, and neighborhoods.

The start and endpoint are located in Sanam Chai in front of The Royal Grand Palace. The race takes runners through some of Bangkok’s most popular landmarks like the Lumpini Park, Siam Paragon shopping mall, the Temple of Dawn, and the Central World. Runners are encouraged to bring a long flashlight because the route features many unlit paths and small streets.

Runners looking for something different, the organizers recommend singing up for the “Night Loop”, a 5K run starting at 11 p.m. The route takes place entirely within the beautiful city center, and finish just outside the main gates of the Grand Palace.

28. Cayman Islands Marathon

Location: George Town, Cayman Islands

When: December

Register: Cayman Islands Marathon

Why Run It: Run in the Caribbean

The notable Cayman Islands Marathon is one of the best marathons in the Caribbean. It gives runners the chance to run in a winter marathon in the heart of the Caribbean, and it is also one of the most prominent qualifiers for the Boston Marathon.

The race starts at Harbour Drive and runs down South Church Street, across South Bay Bridge, and up South Sound Avenue before turning left onto Old Prospect Road. The race takes runners along the waterfront of the capital of the Cayman Islands, George Town, followed by the residential area of South Sound with dazzling views of the ocean.

The Cayman Islands Marathon is a IAAF-sanctioned race ensuring an ideal running environment with a fast and flat course. The race provides an intimate and friendly environment for runners.

29. Honolulu Marathon

Location: Honolulu, United States

When: December

Register: Honolulu Marathon

Why Run It: Laid-back destination marathon with beautiful ocean view and volcanic peaks

The Honolulu Marathon is the fourth largest marathon in the United States and one of America’s most popular road races. This event features some of the best views of Hawaii and attracts thousands of runners from around the world. With the exception of New York City, Hawaii hosts the next three largest marathons in the United States, including Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles.

The route starts and finishes in downtown Honolulu, passing many iconic locations including the Royal Mausoleum, Iolani Palace, and the King Kamehameha’s statue. The course also takes runners around Diamondhead and up Nuuanu Pali.

This is a very popular race because it offers something for everyone. Whether you run, jog, or walk, there is something for everyone here. You can even take part in the Kids Fun Run, where children under 12 can participate in this fun and family friendly race.

30. Antarctic Ice Marathon

Location: Union Glacier, Antartica

When: December

Register: Antarctic Ice Marathon

Why Run It: Coldest, windiest, highest, and driest marathon of all

The Antarctic Ice Marathon is one of the top marathons around the world. This event is a true test of endurance for the runner. It takes place in Antarctica where temperatures range from -30°C to +10°C (-4°F to 18°F) and there is always a chance of strong Katabatic winds.

The race begins and finishes at the base of Mount Rossman. The Antartic Ice Marathon starts at midnight, and participants must complete the entire 42 km (26 mile) course in less than four hours. In addition to the physical challenge, there is no drinking water along the route.

The Antarctic Ice Marathon is a member of the AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance) and it is the only official marathon that is run in Antarctica. It takes place at latitude 80 degrees south, which is just a few hundred miles north of the South Pole in the middle of Antarctica. This cool marathon is the southernmost marathon on earth and offers the runner a unique experience of the seventh continent.

FAQ About Marathons in the World

What is the best marathon to run?

Apart from being the oldest, the Boston Marathon is the hardest to qualify for. To qualify for the Boston Marathon, a runner must complete an official marathon course that is certified and approved by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) within 18 months.

To qualify for the upcoming marathon, the minimum time for males aged between 18 and 34 years old is below 3 hours. Therefore, for many runners, just making the cut at the Boston Marathon is an accomplishment in itself.

What are the top 6 marathons?

The top 6 marathons are Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, New York City Marathon, London Marathon, Berlin Marathon, and Tokyo Marathon.

1. Boston Marathon was held for the first time in 1897. Since then, it has been one of the world’s largest marathons. It is a tough course, but it is well worth the effort because the route is full of hills and beautiful scenery along its entire length.

2. Chicago Marathon is an annual marathon held in October and is one among the largest road races in the world. It attracts tens of thousands of runners from all over the world. It is distinguished for its architecture, sports teams, and food.

3. New York City Marathon is the largest marathon in the world, attracting thousands of runners and spectators from all around the globe each year. This event has been held since 1970, and attracts participants from all walks of life.

4. London Marathon is one of the world’s biggest sporting events. It has been held annually since 1981 and attracts thousands of runners from around the globe. The race starts at Greenwich Park and finishes at Buckingham Palace.

5. Berlin Marathon is one of Europe’s most famous races with the marathon taking place in both former East and West Berlin. This race is known for its fast marathon times where the current second world record has been set.

6. Tokyo Marathon is one of Asia’s biggest marathons and it is regarded as “the world’s best and most beautiful marathons.” Despite being a relatively new race, it has grown rapidly, making it one of the fastest growing marathon races in the world.

What is the most prestigious marathon in the world?

The Boston Marathon is considered one of the most prestigious marathons in the world because of its longevity. It was held for the first time in 1897 and since then it has become one of the world’s most famous sporting events. The Boston marathon draws 500,000 spectators every year which makes it one of the region’s biggest sports events.

To qualify for the Boston race, a runner must first run a standard 26.2 mile (42 km) race within a specified time frame before the date of the race on a certified marathon by a national governing body from the World Athletics. In 2018, the B.A.A (Boston Athletic Association) lowered the qualifying time for the 2020 Boston Marathon by another 5 minutes leaving male runners in the 18-34 group to run a time of 3 hours or less and for women 3 hours 30 minutes to qualify.

What is the most beautiful marathon in the world?

The Paris Marathon is one of the world’s most beautiful marathons. It has been taking place each year in April since 1976 attracting thousands of participants from all over the world.

From the Champs-Élysees, the course leads through the heart of Paris, offering a stunning panorama of some of the city’s most famous and beautiful landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. It is ideal for beginners who want to run their first marathon.

Despite some slight increases in elevation, the Paris Marathon has a fairly flat course, making it an ideal marathon for runners who want to achieve their personal best time. Typically, winners complete the race in under 2 hours, but others continue running into the afternoon.

Which city has the best marathon?

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and the Rome Marathon is considered to have the best marathon so far. The Rome Marathon is held on a Sunday in April, and includes the ancient splendors of the Coliseum, St. Peter’s Square, the Vatican City, the Spanish Steps, the Piazza Novona, and the Trevi Fountain. It’s no surprise that foreigners make up more than a third of the entrants at this marathon, which is essentially a 26.2-miles sightseeing tour around Rome.

The Rome Marathon offers runners the chance to experience the beauty of Italy’s capital city with its rich cultural heritage and history. Rome is the City of Seven Hills but the marathon course elevation is considered to be quite flat. Due to its characteristics, runners are able to complete the marathon without any issues.

What is the world’s largest marathon?

The New York City Marathon is considered the largest marathon in the world. The event attracts thousands of runners from all around the globe. In the 2021 marathon, it had a total of 25,020 finishers.

According to the New York Marathon website, The first New York marathon was run in Central Park with continuing loops consisting of 42.2 km (26.2 mi). It was a small race, with only 127 participants in which each participant paid just $1 to enter the race. Since its inception, the New York City Marathon has grown tremendously and now attracts over 100,000 applicants each year. The course has been changed from its original form to include a track through the five boroughs of NY: Staten island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Manhattan.

What is the easiest marathon to run?

Choosing your first marathon can be difficult because there are so many marathons available. You may want to take into account factors such as the season and location, as well as the type of course and racing experience you are looking for. Many new runners prefer a flat course with plenty of cheering crowds and excitement along the way.

If you’re looking for the easiest marathon to run, you will want to consider where you live. If you live in a major metropolitan area like New York City or Berlin, then you likely won’t have much trouble finding a race near you. However, if you live somewhere else, things might look different. A lot of marathons take place in the summertime, which is great if you enjoy sweating buckets. But if you’re used to cold temperatures, then you’ll probably want to avoid marathons held in hot climates.

The Chicago Marathon is an annual event held in Chicago, Illinois. It is one of the largest marathons in the world and is almost entirely flat, allowing runners to see every neighborhood in the city. There are more than 1.7 million people who live in Windy City, and unlike the New York City Marathon where there are no spectators at the bridge crossings, hardly any part of Chicago’s course has no cheering bands, cheers, or loud voices from rowdy Midwestern folks. Also, the start and finish lines are close to lots of hotels, so your pre- and post race travel isn’t as difficult as some of the other big city marathons.

Is London marathon difficult?

The London Marathon is one of the world’s biggest marathons. This race takes place annually in April, and attracts thousands of runners from all around the globe. The course starts at Greenwich Park and finishes at Buckingham Palace.

Beginners chose the London Marathon due to its flat and fast paced course. However, as all marathons runners have to spend a few months preparing for the physically demanding race of 26.2 miles (42.2 km). Runners who decide to run the marathon for the first time need to prepare mentally by working out some ways to push through when things get really tough.

For the London Marathon, there are several major obstacles that runners need to take into account. These can cause runners to lose speed, slowing them down and preventing them from breaking their own personal records. These two big problems are the hills (or lack thereof) and the number of turns. Also, the weather plays a role in runners’ records.

What country wins the most marathons?

The countries that have won the most World Marathon Majors are Kenya and Ethiopia. The World Marathon Major is an international series of marathons made up of six annual races: the Boston Marathon, London Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Chicago Marathon, New York City Marathon and Tokyo Marathon (which was added in 2013).

A list of winners from the World Marathon Majors both men and women from 2006 can be examined in this list.

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